Sales GraphSabacon Consulting will direct clients to improve their top-line sales numbers by instituting a new organization or bettering the existing one, if that is what is required.  Management building an effective sales organization can be a daunting task, if they are unaware of the potential pitfalls.  Oftentimes when a company determines it can achieve additional sales by adding a salesforce; management becomes entangled in a debate. How will we pay the new salespeople via salary, commission, or hire external sales representatives?  Management may be in a new and uncharted area, but we are not.  Determining the size, structure, sales aides, and compensation of your sales staff is the objective of our Salesforce Optimization Process.

Companies that already have a salesforce may not always focus on salesforce development that is needed for their business.  For example, how much time should they focus on prospects versus existing customers?  Prospects are consumers that are new to the product or service or looking to replace their current vendor.  Existing customer sales will come from repurchase, expansion (sometimes known as up-selling), or Innovation (a collaborative process).  Utilizing our expertise, we will resolve any confusion in these developmental processes and develop a sales strategy. We will also outline sales calls, investigate software packages, and provide tools to meet your needs.

Salesforce Optimization

Our proprietary process of defining or redefining the tools, size, structure, job description, compensation package, and budget of a company’s salesforce. This will facilitate an improvement in the company’s revenues.  We understand the importance of your top-line and realize that no one knows the ins and outs of your business like your key stakeholders. So, we work in conjunction with them to guide and steer the process to produce an exceptional product.


The process of customers buying more of a given product from a particular vendor is called repurchase.  Our job is to develop tools, programs, and procedures to boost repurchase by understanding the motivations and the buying cycle of your current customer base.  Clear motivational understanding comes from customer research, relationship building and a devotion to gathering this information.  Knowing your customer’s motivations will prove to be an invaluable asset to your company.


Many companies are looking to gain additional customers by replacing that customer’s current vendor with themselves.  When customers are not satisfied with the products, services, price or quality, stealing them away from the unsuspecting vendor becomes easy.  The customer may begin to look elsewhere to replace their current supplier on their own.  A one needs to know when and how to approach potential customers.  Customers who are shopping for new vendors takes careful planning, especially with products or services that have long purchase cycles.  Fortunately, we are equipped with the knowledge to direct you through the process.  We use lead-generation programs, CRM software tools and customer analyzation to identify potential customers.


Training your salesforce to seek out additional revenues by identifying and fulfilling customer needs currently not being serviced can generate additional revenues of 2% – 5%.  Unfortunately, many organizations do not view up-selling as a tool to enhance their top-line.  We will identify potential expansion opportunities and train your sales team on exploiting them.

Sales Innovation

A process that occurs when your sales team engages with existing customers to identify needs they don’t realize they have and jointly develop new solutions.  Sabacon Consulting will train your  staff to work in a collaborative manner and use their listening skills to increase sales.

Regardless of which sales process you hire us to assist you with, we will provide excellent guidance for you to positively impact your top-line.