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Strategic Planning

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Do you want to make data-driven decisions that will optimize your company's growth and profitability? Look no further than our strategic planning offering, which is heavily based on financial and data analysis.

Our approach combines the power of advanced quantitative techniques with expert analysis to help you identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions that will propel your business forward. By leveraging financial and data analysis, we provide insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs and objectives, helping you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your long-term goals.

So why wait? Take your business to new heights with our data-driven strategic planning offering today!


Strategic Planning

Data & Financial Analysis


Diversity Strategies

Operational Excellence

Looking to optimize your business operations and drive growth? Our consulting firm specializes in delivering Operation Excellence services that streamline processes, enhance productivity, and maximize profitability.

Through a range of tailored services, including process mapping and reengineering, developing standard operating procedures, and continuous improvement, we help businesses achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness across their operations. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges, developing solutions that are specifically designed to meet your goals and deliver measurable results.

With our Operation Excellence services, you'll benefit from increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved quality, all while enhancing your customer experience and driving greater success for your business. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how our consulting firm can help you achieve Operation Excellence and take your business to the next level.


Process Mapping

Standard Operating Procedures

Continuous Improvement

Black pencil with red lead representing Operational Excellence

Organizational Discipline

Looking to establish a culture of accountability and drive success within your organization? Our consulting firm specializes in delivering Organizational Discipline services that create a foundation for high performance and sustained growth.

Our services include creating a performance management system that holds leaders accountable, developing a performance dashboard with key performance indicators (KPIs), instituting employee incentives, and utilizing communication skills to ensure the company reaches its objectives. By working closely with you, we help establish clear goals, align incentives, and build a framework for ongoing measurement and improvement.

With our Organizational Discipline services, you'll benefit from improved productivity, increased employee engagement, and better alignment across your organization. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you achieve your objectives while also fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how our consulting firm can help you establish Organizational Discipline and drive success within your business.


Performance Management

Management Training

Departmental Execution

The Sabacon Consulting Difference

We love the business of business. Our enthusiasm shows in our relationships with our clients and colleagues and in our work. Hiring us will inspire you to conquer the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in your business.

We always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. We see the possibilities your company can reach by committing to change rather than becoming stagnant and stale.

We are positive people who don't wait for success. We create it.

Corporate and Small Business Expertise

We are used to the demands of corporate leaders and the concerns of entrepreneurs with over 25 years of corporate and small business experience. You can trust us to handle business opportunities and challenges of various sizes.

Customized Solutions

We design customized business solutions for all our clients based on their distinct challenges. We conduct deep data analysis to develop efficacious answers for your business's challenges.

Data Driven

We research, analyze data and explore options to conceive the strategies we present to our clients. We are confident in our advice because we ground our solutions in business scholarship. If you want strategies based on facts and not hunches and plans with goals based on intelligence, then we are the company for you.

Culturally Adept

Our analysis techniques and strategic recommendations will always reflect the diverse communities that your company serves or hopes to serve. We strive to gather and utilize data to ensure maximum profitability by being inclusive and promoting diversity in a positive and respectful manner.

Technologically Savvy & Innovative

We stay abreast of the latest technologies, innovations, and business management strategies, bringing them to our clients when appropriate. We bring forth new ideas to solve the problems faced by our clients.

Results Driven

We take full ownership of achieving results and demonstrate a corporate drive and an individual desire to make your goals a reality. We make timely, quality recommendations based on analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment. We thrive on results.

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    Our Masters of Business

    The Team

    Gerald Johnson
    Meet Gerald, a Certified Management Consultant and Principal of Sabacon Consulting, a renowned firm specializing in strategic planning, operational excellence, and organizational discipline for small and mid-sized businesses. Known as the Strategic Savant, he provides clients with tailored strategic solutions and management techniques, leveraging his corporate expertise. Gerald is actively involved in his community and profession, serving as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Brentwood, Chair of WRMSDC's Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee, Past President of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, President of the Northern California Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants USA, and CFO of the Industry Council for Small Business Development. With a positive, passionate, and persistent approach, Gerald goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations and elevate your business. As his mentor once said, "Nothing happens unless you make it happen," and Gerald embodies this philosophy.
    Audrey Johnson
    Managing Director of Accounting
    Meet Audrey, an accomplished professional in the world of finance and accounting. As the Managing Director of Sabacon Accounting, Audrey brings a wealth of expertise gained from working with organizations of varying sizes. With a diverse background, Audrey has successfully held pivotal roles such as Finance Manager for a large non-profit organization with an impressive $49.8 million in revenues and a workforce of over 250 employees. Additionally, Audrey has contributed her financial acumen to a small non-profit, managing their finances with revenues of $1.25 million and a team of 45 employees. Audrey's experience extends beyond non-profits, having served as CFO for retail stores, service stations, and convenience store franchises. Complementing her practical experience, Audrey holds a B.S. in Accounting and is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. Audrey's areas of specialization include financial, managerial, and non-profit accounting, allowing her to bring comprehensive insight and solutions to the organizations she serves.
    Jolie Ronquillio
    Financial and Data Analyst
    Meet Jolie, a data analyst for 15 years who has served numerous clients from the financial, technical, medical, sales, and e-commerce industries. She is a qualified MS Excel specialist with data analysis, finance, and inventory management expertise. She utilizes her data collection and report generation skill set while providing thorough, accurate, and complete visualization. Jolie is responsible for performing data entry, manipulation, and management. She also conducts research and data analysis to support decision-making. In addition, her responsibilities include preparing reports and analyzing financial data, creating visually appealing and compelling presentations, KPI reports, and dashboards. Jolie possesses a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.


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