Maurice Brewster – MOB 10

Gerald JohnsonMasterminds of Business

Show Notes: 

If you are interested in the limousine and transportation industry, a Mastermind of Business who cares about his community and has the spirit of an entrepreneur, this is the show for you. You will be inspired by Maurice Brewster's determination to succeed and perseverance in spite of obstacles and his constant push to move his business forward.


In this episode, Maurice discusses his love of cars and takes us through how he got started in the limousine business.  Maurice Brewster was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He founded Mosaic Global Transportation in 2002. His company has won numerous Supplier of The Year awards.  In 2011, Maurice formed a non-profit industry group called the Minority Limousine Operators of America and in 2014 was selected to meet Barack Obama to discuss the challenges that minority businesses face.  Prior to establishing Mosaic Global Transportation, Maurice held several senior & management positions with DuPont, GTE, SPRINT & MCI. He has a strong background in building, directing and managing successful sales teams in a variety of markets. Maurice holds a BS Degree in Business, with a minor in Communications from the prestigious Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where he graduated with honors.  He continued his studies at UCLA's Anderson School of Management and graduated in 2009.  Maurice is married to Rhonda and has 5 children. They currently live and operate their global ground transportation business in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Maurice Brewster is the real deal. If you want to be inspired or learn about the limousine and transportation industry then listen to this episode.