AUSIM Marketing MOB 9 – Part 2

Gerald JohnsonMasterminds of Business

In today’s episode, Val Lewis and I follow up on our discussion of marketing. If you are interested in an AUSIM marketing campaign, what to do and what not to do then this show is for you. Here is a synopsis of what we spoke about during the show:

AUSIM Marketing Process

• Do your homework
• Gather information on your:
o Business internals
o Customers
o Competitors

• Learn from the information collected.
• Test your marketing assumptions.

• Develop a plan based on the data collected and the learnings from that data
• Validate the plan against its objectives

• Execute the validated Strategy.

Taking the above steps will maximize your marketing efforts.

AUSIM Marketing Components

 1) Situational Analysis
      a. Take stock of your company
           i. Financially
          ii. Competitively
         iii. Organizationally
     b. Develop a plan

2) Offerings Developments.
     a. What products will you carry?
     b. What services will you offer?
     c. How will the products be packaged?
     d. Who needs the service you are offering?

 2) Marketing Research.
 a. Conduct survey at mall
     b. Use SurveyMonkey
     c. Use Facebook and Twitter    

4) Channels Distribution
     a. Retail
     b. Wholesale
     c. Online
     d. Through Agents

5) Persuasive Pricing
     a. Market penetration
     b. Prestige pricing
     c. Based on cost

6) Effective Communication
      a. Radio
      b. Social media
      c. TV
      d. Direct mail

If you want more information on AUSIM marketing you can download a free PowerPoint presentation here. Thank you for listening to two-part discussion about marketing