Suspect Marketing vs AUSIM Marketing – MOB 9 – Part 1

Gerald JohnsonMasterminds of Business

In today’s episode, Val Lewis and I discuss marketing basics and Suspect Marketing. If you are interested in learning about marketing, what to do and what not to do then this show is for you.

Here is a synopsis of what we spoke about during the show:

Marketing Expectations of the Target Consumers

See Me:
• Acknowledge and welcome your target consumer.
• Understand their needs and wants.

Speak Me:
• Communicate directly with them.
• Utilize methods and media that they are familiar with.
• Talk to them at the appropriate time and place.

Show Me that You Care:
• Why are you providing this service or offering this product?
• Explain the solutions you have specifically for them.
• How it will make their lives better.
• Share my values.

Marketing Process to Turn Consumers to Customers.
Know → Like→Trust

• Who are you?
• What do you do?

• Do I like you?
• Do I like what you have to say?

• Are you an expert?
• Can you help me?
• Have you helped others?

Various Stages of Consumer Relationship to your Brand

Join us for a fun discussion about marketing in general and Suspect marketing in particular. This is the first part of a two-part podcast on Suspect marketing and AUSIM marketing. Tune in to part two to learn the secrets of AUSIM marketing.