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In today’s show, we explore resources with Melissa Donald. Melissa discusses her journey from a Secretary at commercial collections agency to the President of her own factoring firm. Melissa’s knowledge of business financing and financial matters are a rare gem. She also takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of factoring. if you want to learn about factoring, an alternative form of financing, this episode is for you.


Melissa began her career working in and then managing a small commercial collection agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.  During her time there, she worked in every area of the business from direct collections to litigation management.

In 2001, she took a job with a young factoring company in Walnut Creek, California.  She quickly moved from a Senior Account Executive, to Operations Manager and Vice President. In 2007, she and her partner launched LDI Growth Partners, a factoring firm and focused her efforts in educating entrepreneurs about the benefits of factoring at a grassroots level.  LDI Growth Partners focuses on businesses with annual sales under $2 million and only takes on new clients by referral.

Melissa is currently the President of the Board of Directors for Community Violence Solutions in Contra Costa and Marin County. An umbrella organization that focuses on ending human trafficking, sexual assault, family violence and providing assistance to rape victims.   She has also recently been invited to serve on the Advisory Board of the International Factoring Association; the largest association of commercial finance professionals in the world.

The greatest lesson she has learned in her career is that the biggest obstacle that stands between people and their dream is the fear of asking for help when they get overwhelmed or are unsure of what should happen next.  Melissa has built a team of professionals around her who stand ready to help her clients and colleagues to overcome that fear.  She is heavily involved in rescuing, fostering, raising, training and rehabbing large breed working dogs in her spare time..


Melissa Donald is an excellent resource for business owners who are in need financial advice. The advice and information that Melissa discusses during this show is not only instructive but it is educational.


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