Michael Auzenne – MOB 006

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Show Overview

In today’s show, Mike Auzenne discusses his journey from West Point to podcasting. Mike exudes management and leadership information. Therefore, if you want to be a better leader, this episode is for you.


A graduate from West Point, Mike Auzenne has always been a business enthusiast. As a Captain in the Army, Mike developed the foundations of his leadership style. After serving seven years in the Army, Mike brought his dynamic leadership skills to corporate America joining Mobil Oil Corporation and then MCI as Information Technology manager. It is during his stint at MCI, where Mike was leading a 500-person IT department, that Mike hired his old friend Mark Horstman to do some consulting work for the company. It was then that Mike decided that Mark’s management techniques needed to be shared with the world and Manager Tools was born.

Since the launch of their podcast in 2005, Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman’s weekly podcast, “Manager Tools,” has attracted a variety of listeners. The podcast won the People’s Choice Podcast Award several years in a row, was featured in the Wall Street Journal and averages over 1.4 million downloads a month. Manager Tools client list includes Apple, AT&T, and FedEx. As a result, Mike has a great deal of knowledge about managing people and I am happy he has shared some of this information here today.


Michael Auzenne is a management Mastermind and if you are remotely interested in being a better manager, you should listen to this episode and subscribe to his podcast Manager-Tools and visit their website Manager-Tools.com.