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The Thin Book of Trust – MOB 002

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In today’s episode, Val Lewis and I discuss Charles Feltman’s “The Thin Book of Trust – An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work.” If you are interested in increasing organizational productivity through building trust, becoming more trustworthy and being a better leader, then this episode is for you.  In a fun and lively manner, we review the four distinctions of trust according to Mr. Feltman and other insights from the book.


The Four Distinctions of Trust

Is the assessment that you are honest, that you say what you mean and mean what you say; you can be believed and taken seriously. It also means when you express an opinion it is valid, useful, and is backed up by sound thinking and evidence. Finally, it means that your actions will align with your words.

Is the assessment that you meet the commitments you make, that you keep your promises.

Is the assessment that you have the ability to do what you are doing or propose to do. In the workplace, this usually means the other person believes you have the requisite capacity, skill, knowledge, and resources, to do a particular task or job.

Is the assessment that you have the other person’s interest in mind as well as your own when you make decisions and take actions. Of the four assessments of trustworthiness, care is in some ways the most important for building lasting trust. When people believe, you are only concerned with your self-interest and don’t consider their interests as well, they may trust your sincerity, reliability, and competence, but they will tend to limit their trust of you to specific situations or transactions. On the other hand, when people believe you hold their interest in mind, they will extend their trust more broadly to you.

We believe that this book is worthy of your time and money. You should read this book, if you want to be a better leader and as Val always says “We all are leaders.”


Gerald Johnson & Val Lewis

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