We offer Public Relations, Public Speaking ( Key Note Presentations, Motivational Speaking), Business Seminars and Workshop services to effectively communicate your company’s strategies and initiatives. We will speak to the public, employees, franchisees and various channel partners or your behalf.

Public Relations

Sabacon Consulting offers brand marketing and public relations services. We evaluate your product, service or individual’s public perception through market research. As a result, we develop a public relations campaign to augment the marketing strategy, once the data is collected and challenges are identified. The techniques we use may vary from campaign to campaign but some of the standard tools are; press releases, press kits, podcasts, webcasts, and internet placement. Also, we might consider others tactics such as: entertainment product placement (television, events, celebrity), product launches, press conferences, media seminars, producing events, speechwriting, and establishing partnerships.

Furthermore, the identification of the target audience for your product or services is one of the fundamental objectives our analysis. We will tailor every message to appeal directly to that audience whether it is the general market or a subset of it. Most of the time your target audience will be a segment of the population as determined by demographics, sociographics and psychographics.

Public Speaking

The selection of a presenter, keynote or motivational speaker is critical the success of you event. We will inspire your attendees and ensure your good reviews. It does not matter whether it is a business meeting, association meeting, or sales conference. Our objective is the same to provide value-added presentations, seminars and workshops for your audience. Some clients do not want to use “stock” or “canned” presentations. Therefore, we prepare your keynote address or seminar presentation from scratch starting from a clean sheet of paper. Other clients that might find their event needs met in one of our ready-made speeches that addresses the many problems faced by businesses today such as: “Success Breeds Failure”, “I made what?”, “Where did all my money go”, “Strategy, What Strategy” and “I’ve been doing it this way for years”.

Business Seminars and Workshops

Sabacon will provide business seminars and workshop services from concept to execution. We will design specific workshops that will achieve your objectives while working in a collaborative manner to identify the concepts that you wish to communicate. You can rest assured, your ideas will be communicated whether the workshops illustrate basic financial analysis or complex marketing strategies.

In conclusion, we are here to get the word out, whatever your communications needs may be.