A Light bulb depicting marketingSabacon Consulting guides clients who wish to launch a new product or service, enhance distribution, reach new and different markets, or improve their market share with our marketing services. Our assistance with these initiatives will increase your probability of success. Marketing is the science of creating products and services that consumers want or need. Making consumers aware of a new product’s or service’s existence is key to success. Providing consumers with an opportunity to purchase the product or service at the right price, place and time marketing genius. More importantly, marketers must manufacture demand by constantly delivering on all of the aforementioned activities. Companies that develop products and services that meet needs, wants and desires of their target customers in an efficient manner will always be profitable.

Numerous companies create products and services that their stakeholders like or management believes consumers will want. Unfortunately, no one tests these ideas with the public. Ineffective marketers do not spend the time necessary to identify who are their target consumers. They do not know what they want, or when they want it. If they have produced a customer-focused product or service, it may still fail to generate significant sales due to lack of awareness.

We offer solutions in the following areas:


Sabacon Consulting will select and conduct the appropriate marketing research tools (from surveys and questionnaires to focus groups) to derive both the qualitative and quantitative data. We utilized this information to design and implement the appropriate product development, marketing strategy and channel deployment.

Marketing Strategy Approach

Sabacon Consulting, in a collaborative manner, will utilize both the quantitative and qualitative data to develop your marketing plan. Achieving the stated objectives of the management is always top-of-mind with us. We will create an effective communication strategy that reaches the target audience and motivates them to try your product or service. Additionally, if required, we will develop or revise the company’s mission, vision, and positioning statements in conjunction with the company’s management team to help steer the company’s initiatives in a more effective direction.


Qualitative and quantitative research is the cornerstone of our branding effort. Whether you are creating a new product or service or freshening up a current one, we will focus your initiatives. We will assist you in providing more consistent messages to your targeted consumer groups that reinforce the company’s or product’s brand. We will also provide complete branding strategic analysis, brand identification packages, and collateral materials to effectively market your product. This includes everything from product packaging to brochures.


After the strategic marketing plan is designed, many clients need someone to assist with the implementation of the plan. We coach our clients to generate stakeholder and employee buy-in. This will guarantee alignment and allow us to successfully rollout, execute and monitor each component of the plan. We will assist you in achieving all three of these objectives.

Channel Management

Sabacon Consulting provides channel strategies, programs and materials to maximize profits from your current distribution channels. We also have the ability to create and uncover new distribution methods. Additionally, we develop tools at the Channel Partner level to assist them with their profitability.