Strategic Planning

From time to time companies need to develop a strategic plan either because their current plan has become outmoded or they never developed a strategic approach before. Developing a new strategic approach to the business is not always complex, but it should be conducted methodically. A strategic plan is the approach that a company will take over the next one to five years and the measurement systems that will be used to evaluate whether or not the company has reach its goal. Sabacon Consulting typically uses the Coach System when conceiving and implementing a strategic approach because we believe it is the most comprehensive method available. However, we will sometimes will use one of four methods of strategic planning listed below, but in either case we will design an approach that is right for you.

Standard Methodology

  • Ensure vision, mission, goals and core values of organization are consistent with one another and aligned with company’s resources.
  • Choose the tactics and milestones to reach identifiable goals that will be beneficial to the company obtaining its goals.
  • Design the approach that will be utilized for executing the strategy. Who will be responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. What measurements will be included? What resources will be needed? Are the resources aligned with the approach?
  • Whatever components are misaligned should be realigned for success.

Issues Based Strategic Planning

  • This dynamic method of planning consists of identifying all of the internal and external factors that are affecting the business’s ability to meet its goals. Both the SWOT and PESTLE analyses are used to assist in determining issues that need to be resolved. The PESTLE method may not suitable for smaller companies.
  • This is a short term method because so many of variables may change frequently.

Alignment Model

  • Similar to the Standard Methodology but more narrowly focused. This method acknowledges the validity of the organization’s current vision and mission and seeks to realigned any disjointed processes and activities. This method is also great for departments and subsets of the organization.

Organic Strategic Planning

This less of a systematic planning activity and more of a leadership, management and communication activity. Information is obtained through teamwork and collaboration, but is not formalized. This method is accomplished by ensuring there is common agreement amongst all employees to nature and value of the company’s vision, mission, and goals and making sure everyone knows how they can contribute to meeting those goals. Meetings are held regularly to ensure everyone is on track to achieve those goals.

Sabacon Consulting will choose the method most appropriate for you company in order assist you in achieving your goals.