Puzzle with Operational Excellece

Achieving Operational Excellence: A Practical How-To Guide

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Operational excellence is the unwavering pursuit of performance improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness.  It’s about executing a business strategy more consistently and reliably than the competition, as seen in organizations like Amazon, which maintains its supply chain’s efficiency for customer satisfaction and retention. This guide will explain how to utilize process mapping, process reengineering, and KPIs to foster a culture of …

Mastering the Annual Strategic Planning Cycle: A Comprehensive Approach for Modern Businesses

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Strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, and performance management form the cornerstone of success for progressive businesses.  Our guide offers a structured and nuanced approach to these essential business processes, helping business leaders navigate and enhance business performance in a rapidly evolving business landscape.Step 1: The Strategic Planning ProcessAt Sabacon Consulting, we believe that a comprehensive strategic planning process begins with a …

Why Is Strategic Planning So Important?

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Strategic planning refers to the ongoing process of utilizing available knowledge to make decisions about a business’ future direction.  An annual strategic planning process allows organizations to identify their priorities, allocate resources, align their leaders and employees around their objectives, and ensure those objectives are supported by data and analysis.  Nevertheless, it is difficult for management to develop a company …